The fastest and most easiest remote access software

Access your work computer from home or any computer from anywhere

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A secure, handy solution that you can use when you need to connect and remotely control multiple computers or laptops at the same time.

The price goes down as you use it.

You can choose a daily plan for an average fee (0,99$), or you can choose a plan for a longer perior of time – 4,99% for 7 days, or 9,99% for 14 days.

Longer the period it is, lower the price will be.

You can give up on this solution anytime you want, as simple as its installation.

Easee Access Remotely

Work remote from home or travelling. Easee access and management for your computers remotely. No codes, No VPN, No Limitations.

Easee Secure Connect

Fully secure to your computer from any computer – anytime,

Easee Access Benefits:

Work remote;

Boost your efficiency & productivity;

Transfer documents between computers;

Save your time & money on traveling;

Here is how simple the installation is



A window will appear asking “Do you want to run or save this file?” Click Save to download Easee Access.



When the download is complete, open the setup.exe file, and click Run to install EaseeAccess.


Enter your account details

Click on the icon Easee Access, and then the Easee Access Connect button in order to access all your computer available to remote connect.


Install on as many computers you want to connect remotely

But don’t worry will guide you step-by-step
through the setup process


No matter where you are or what you need to do, Remote Access
benefits both you and your business.


Simple as never been

Forget about access codes, VPN`s or complicated protocols. Now with just a single click you can access your data no matter where your computers are.


Access your data, easee

All your computers available now to one click distance. No matter how many computers you have or distances between then, you can access now all in a single easy to use app.


Ready When You Need It’

Avoid the distances and save time and energy by working remotely from your home.


Connect While Traveling

No more separation anxiety – your computer is always a couple taps away. Just log in from another computer or mobile device.


Stay Home More

Access the programs, files and networks you need to do your job, and be home in time with your beloved ones.


Built With Security In Mind

  • Support Two-way authentication
  • Fully encrypted
  • Iso27001 Compliant