Frequent Questions

EaseeAccess is a software that allows simultaneous connection of up to five computers or laptops. In order for them to be connected, it is necessary that the EaseeAccess software be installed on all the computers that are to be connected and accessed through a single account.

Yes. The partitions of all computers or laptops interconnected via EaseeAccess can be accessed from a single computer, no matter where the other computers are, provided they are turned on and have Internet access. An off computer cannot be accessed remotely.

The number of files that can be sent simultaneously through EaseeAccess is unlimited but is conditioned by the internet connection and the free space on the computer on which the files are to be transferred. To make sure you can transfer multiple files at once, make sure that the device (computer / laptop) you are about to transfer has enough free memory to store them.

There is no maximum size required for a file to be transferred via EaseeAccess. However, the larger the file, the more you need a better internet connection. As such, EaseeAcces does not limit the size of files that can be transferred, but the size can be "limited" by the quality of the Internet connection and the free space on the computer or laptop on which the file is to be transferred.

Yes, there are no file types that cannot be transferred between computers interconnected via EaseeAccess.

Yes. The connection between computers or laptops through EaseeAccess is a real-time connection if the internet connection is good for all interconnected devices. If the internet connection is weak, there may be some delays in data transfer. Sometimes, a poor internet connection of one of the interconnected devices can make the laptop or computer in question unable to access it remotely. It is very important to make sure you have first and foremost a good internet connection of the computer or laptop you want to remotely access the other laptops.

EaseeAccess is first and foremost an easy-to-use and install software that does not consume very large resources. It takes a few seconds until you download and install the software. Subsequently, creating the account is very simple and you do not need to create other accounts, regardless of the number of computers you want to access from a distance.

EaseeAccess is a secure software that puts users security in the forefront, using the most innovative encryption measures to exchange data and information between interconnected computers.

EaseeAccess is a free solution for accessing other remote computers. In the first 30 days, for the use of EaseeAcces you will not be asked for any payment and you will not be asked for any bank info. There is no need to enter your card data while usingEaseeAccess is free. Subsequently, the queue for using EseeAccess is modest. You can withdraw at any time. If you are not satisfied with the quality of EaseeAccess software you have the freedom to give up, uninstalling the software, without being charged for it.

Yes. This is possible. With the help of EaseeAcces you can remotely access any computer you want as if it were in front of it.

EaseeAccess is software that works on any laptop or computer that uses any version of Windows if it is newer than Windows 7, inclusive.

You can use EaseeAccess from any country you want if you have internet access. It doesn't matter to us whether you use EaseeAcces from the comfort of your home in Los Angeles, from the top of the Himalayas or from the African savanna.

No. EaseeAccess works only on laptops and computers that use Windows as its operating system.

EaseeAccess software can be downloaded from or from any other partner site. We recommend downloading it from to always have the latest version.