How EaseeAccess works

EaseeAccess is a software that allows the interconnection of at least two computers or laptops so that all connected devices can be controlled remotely, from a single computer or laptop. The maximum number of computers or laptops that can be interconnected is five.

It doesn't matter where these computers or laptops are. They can be accessed regardless of the distance between them if there is an internet connection that makes interconnection possible.

To use to connect multiple computers or laptops with EaseeAccess you need:

How EaseeAccess works

The user installs EaseeAccess on one of the computers or laptops, and during the installation they must create an account.

After installing EaseeAccess on the first laptop or computer, it must install the software on the next computers or laptops it wants to interconnect without creating a new account.

It will log in with the user and password chosen at the first login.

How EaseeAccess works

In short, by interconnecting multiple computers or laptops, a user can access them all from a single device as if in front of them.

It doesn't matter how far away your computers or laptops are as long as they have a good internet connection.

With EaseeAccess, the user can:

  • - remotely transfer any type of file, from one computer to another
  • - install or uninstall any software from any interconnected computer
  • - working remotely on an interconnected computer