Terms and Conditions. EaseeAccess.

The terms and conditions on this page set out the legal terms that apply to your use of easeeaccess.com and the EaseeAcces application. These are supplemented by the terms and conditions of the License Agreement but also with the other terms and conditions on the site (easeeacces.com) or with the legislation in force.

1.The following terms are interpreted as it follows:

EaseeAccess - comercial name of Startech Aliance Inc, 52-09 39th Road Suite 2B Woodside, New York 11377, United States”

Website - easeeaccess.com, the presentation website for the EaseeAccess application

Software / EaseeAccess - software that allows the interconnection of several devices so that they can be controlled remotely by the same person.

User - can be any natural person over the age of 18, download EaseeAccess and make an account to use the software for personal use.

2.General terms and conditions

2.1 EaseeAccess is a software that allows you to connect to multiple computers or laptops that use Windows as your operating system

2.2 EaseeAccess software can be used by downloading it from easeeaccess.com or other partner sites, installing it on computers that want to be connected and creating a personal account.

2.3 The contract is considered to be concluded between Startech Alliance and the User when creating the account.

2.4 Users may any time give up on using EaseeAccess.

3.Content of the website

3.1 The information presented on the Site (text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, videos, etc.) can be used only for the purpose of informing the Users. They cannot be used for other purposes without the written consent of Startech Alliance. The information may be reproduced by print only for personal use. These may not be reproduced, distributed or transmitted to another person or incorporated in any document or material.

3.2 Photos taken or edited by EaseeAccess may not be taken or used for any purpose by third parties without the written consent of Startech Alliance!

3.3 The unauthorized use of this information (content) entails legal, civil or criminal liability, as the case may be. Parts of the site or content may not be systematically extracted or reused without the written consent of Startech Alliance.

4.Privacy Policy

4.1 By using the Site and the Software, the User agrees to the collection of personal information necessary for the use of EaseeAccess services.

4.2 EaseeAccess fully complies with international law and treaties regarding the collection of personal data. The collected information will be used ONLY for the purpose of operating EaseeAcces services. Startech Alliance undertakes not to make public or sell this data.

4.3.Users may at any time request the deletion of any data collected by EaseeAccess.

4.4 The request for deletion of personal data that involves the operation of EaseeAcees may be equivalent to the impossibility of using the Software.

4.5 EaseeAccess may also collect personal information through cookies. Details of these can be found on the page that describes the Cookie Policy.


5.1 Any attempt by a person to access a user's personal data, modify the content of the Site or the Software or affect the performance of the server running the site or the software will be considered fraudulent.

5.2 Any illegitimate access to a user's personal data will be considered a fraud.

5.3 Fraud and fraud attempts will be punished in accordance with the criminal law in force, and the injured parties may ask the court to repair the moral or pecuniary damages, as the case may be.


6.1 Any dispute between Users and EaseeAcces will be resolved amicably. If the dispute cannot be settled amicably, it will be settled by the competent courts.

6.2 In the court, the disputes will be settled according to the US legislation. The territorial jurisdiction of the courts will be determined by the headquarters of 52-09 39th Road Suite 2B Woodside, New York 11377, United States.